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Maher Asaad Baker

Musician, Author, Journalist, VFX & Graphic artist, and Director

Growing up with a dream is a beautiful thing, having that dream come true is even more beautiful; this is the case of Maher Asaad Baker (In Arabic: ماهر أسعد بكر) is a Syrian Musician, Author, Journalist, VFX & Graphic artist, and Director, he was born in Damascus in 1977. Since his teens, he has been building up his career, starting by developing applications and websites while exploring various types of media-creating paths.

He started his career in 1997 with a dream of being one of the most well-known artists in the world.

As the music plays a very important role in bringing people together, it also makes them live life with all their emotions exposed. He makes mixed emotional music so everyone can express their feelings, he is known for his music being produced, mixed, mastered, engineered, written, and performed himself. Most of his music contains hip hop and R&B elements.

Reading was always a part of his life as he was always surrounded by his father's books, but his writing ability didn't develop until a later age as his most time was occupied with other things such as developing, writing songs and music, or in media projects production, he is most known for his book "How I wrote a million Wikipedia articles" and a novel entitled "Becoming the man".

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